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It’s main asset is the EVF viewfinder as the in body image stabilisation and better high iso performance. Dick Ps. Just like the Q, a used SL is really something to consider today. Top with the 35 1.2 II, middle was actually with the 24-90 Zoom and the last with a 50 APO. However, I don’t think anyone would suggest buying TL lenses just for use with the SL. As you having pointed out of the last 4 years, it is a wonderful camera, especially with small, manual focus lenses. For me, the answer is emphatically and categorically no, the S1 for the money is the smarter choice. I don’t understand why Leica refuses to do this. If I did not shoot at higher ISO I would spend an extra $2k for the SL. As good as those large lenses are, and they are stunning, most did not want a giant 35mm system. The SL is $6,000 and the S1 is $2500. Add in 5 Axis for smooth video and call it a day. I am US/NJ based but I will try your link. Your review of the SL and Panasonic have given me two alternatives. Set those lenses wide open as well, and your S1 shutter selection to automatic to allow full sun shooting wide open. New Leica SL 601 First Impressions and Review. I have been shooting Nikon and Leica and Hasselblad since my first Nikon in 1980’s and my first Leica a M6 in 1997. It produces a medium format type of look. It will take a while before other needs pile up sufficiently to make today’s 24mpix cameras feel limited and obsolete. So, if the SL2 were to go with a ‘stealth’ theme………. Anyway, just wanted to share some of my love for the SL and now the S1. The next image with the Voigtlander 35 f2 Ultron, then the 50 1.2 EF again and finally one with a Zenit 16mm f.28 fisheye. The SL and Q make a fantastic duo. As a M, CL, SL user I purchased the Lumix S1 to compare against the SL. Thanks again for the great insight!! It’s about the image quality, not the equipment. If you are used to a Sony A7 or A9, the SL will feel LARGE to you but after a few days, my guess is that it will start to feel REALLY good to you. Explore our website to see our extensive inventory, and enjoy great prices along with legendary service.. For me, the magic lies with using these small, manually focused lenses. I am looking for used SL in good condition. Image 2 with the older original Leica 50 Summicron, image 3 with the Voigtlander 35 1.2II, the 4th image was shot with the Leica 50 APO (which the voigtlander 50 f/3.5 renders like, just with a slower aperture and for only $529. One issue have though I have with the SL is the tendency to have the camera go into other modes such as P or S Mode when in A without much effort when shooting, especially in the midst of shooting in a very quick, rapidly changing situation; sorta like in the shooting in the midst of battle. Last 2-3 years you’ve cost me a bloody fortune! I for now use these optics adapting them to the sony a7III, but the yield does not satisfy me too much. Fortunately my camera eye is the left one for the DSLR’s that earn the bread and butter so not affected. What I’m trying to say is thanks for the advice Steve and I won’t be needing to upgrade to the MK2 versions because these do what I need and I can live with what they can’t. They were sharper, and had less vignetting on the S1 over the SL. I used to feel this way about the M line of cameras but after never having one issue with an SL (focusing or otherwise) and experiencing that EVF, well, I was sold. I’ve a question, please, because I’m considering a Leica SL — I’m a lapsed Leica user — and I’d like your advice. But on many occasions, it can create an image with gorgeous beauty in the way it will deliver the subject and background, usually allowing the subject to POP off the screen. Sold it several weeks back and got the Leica M10P… even nicer.. smaller … quieter… and with the little visoflex a SLR when desired but really a leica in the truest respect. DC_P-07964_Used. Wide Open. For me, I fell for the SL build, sleek design and the fact is that it is not that much larger than a Sony A7 series body yet it feels much better and nicer in build (as it should, I mean, the SL even today sells for $6000). Expose correctly and you can get 51,200 ISO shots at night with acceptable noise levels, if you like the 1600 film look. It makes me feel like I am doing the work, and not the camera. Goodbye Photokina? The Leica SL sensor appears relatively accurate in lower light situation. After reading this, Part 2 is now up HERE. I can not put my finger on it but it has to be the Leica Mojo drawing me in. Absolutely not. I always bought black models so the spouse would not be prompted to offer a challenge. Dynamic Range. The Leicaflex SL Mot was a variant of the Leicaflex SL that could take a motor drive, and lacked the self-timer and the meter switch in the advance lever. However if I’d bought the M I’d have been in trouble. 1st image below with the Voigtlander 35 1.2 II, 2nd image with THIS lens. It has taken years for a better EVF to finally surface, and it is still capable of amazing quality. Perhaps your answer may come with a caveat about the type of photography one is most engaged in — but I’d rather leave it open for your comment. That Nikon, Canon, and Panasonic have 24-26mpix cameras released along with their higher-res sisters tells you all you need to know about the relevance of this level of photographic capability. As I get older I start to realize that newer is not always better. Loved the idea of an M Leica and the simplicity of old lenses but wasn’t sure I could make the seismic jump back to rangefinder etc. All in all, yes you can use this metod with moderate distortions but with extreme ones is a diffrent story. The only wide angle I have is a 15mm Voigtlander and it does great on the S1 without any issues I have seen. Leica SL (Typ 601), Black Trade-in any DSLR or mirrorless camera and save $1,500! Useful Articles, Featured Photographers and more! View fullsize. The SL will be my “Go To” camera, but when I need something smaller and lighter, I will pick up the CL. Will talk more about it in my full review of the S1. Since the Canon doesn’t have manual f stop ring how do you set the f stop on the 50mm It’s interesting to see hate slung at the SL yet praise of the new S1 which is basically an updated SL in Panasonic clothing. Was wondering if you’ve shot the S1 with either the 21mm f/2.8 or 28mm f/2 aspherical lenses? Great Condition Lockcircle MetalJacket Jacket Titanium Cage for Leica SL Typ 601 When I look back at my old SL images it brings a smile to my face. Also one of only two TL lenses made in Germany. Hi Steve, I would like to ask you if the yield of the m and r preasferential optics on the s1, in your opinion are similar to the sl or are there obvious differences, like the yield at the edges? What is the reliable source to buy? My blog, ohm-image.net, covers some stuff about the gear I use in work as well as reviews, and other stuff. Large and easy to rotate to dial in the perfect focus for your eyes. While it is well known that the sl lenses behave like native lenses on the S1, is the reverse true? Any cheap one will do. Part 2.5 is up HERE – Part 3 is up HERE The Monochrom and […], A Year with the Leica M10 – A Field Report and Re-Review of a Modern Digital Classic By Ashwin Rao – Join the Leica M10 Facebook Group HERE. It’s a lifetime camera, or as long as it may last. Lovely lovely cameras that can stand the test of time. Almost an ethereal experience on some occasions. Even so, this doesn’t mean the SL is outdated or unusable. Also shoot RAW & JPEG as the JPEGS may surprise you from the S1 (they are much nicer than the SL JPEGS). I am torn as I see the benefit in IQ and PRICE with the S1 but at the same time, to me a camera is more than a sensor so yes, I still adore the SL even with the S1 being here. Leica TL2 Mirrorless Camera Introduced. It may just be me, but based on prior experience with panasonic, I am seeing shades of a yellowish cast in the images I see, especially the highlights. I bought the Visoflex type 020 for my M10 and i really like it. I set mine to A mode, and it has never changed..unless I changed it to M which I sometimes do. At least give it a try in a shop, or even rent it for a few days. I do not own the two lenses you mention, so have no way to test them. David Farkas. The image rendering of the S1 is great but if you compare it against the SL, I find the S1 rendering more “sterile” the SL paired with Leica glass has something special that I can not reproduce on the S1 (with Leica M glass). Like you, I love shooting with the SL, either the 24-90 or the 50mm. Personally I found the lenses I own and use did better on the S1 over the SL. Therefore, sales numbers probably were not amazing but I do know several who still own and use an SL and they adore it. You shoot architecture? I know most will be looking at the Panasonic native lenses like the 24-105 which I also have here, and it’s a good lens (but f4) and it feels like a kit lens. It is largish, especially with native lenses, so some users might prefer using the SL with M lenses, as I do. The SL is one of those cameras that took a while for people to catch on to. The SL to me felt like shooting an M 240 with that GPS grip they used to sell for it. My advice is don’t keep changing cameras for the latest new thing every year but spend that money instead on a trip that inspirers you to take photos and enjoy using the camera you already own. My son has Leica SL and likes it the way you do Steve. Hey Stephan, thanks for the comment. So this article was just one to write as I sit here on a Friday morning looking at the SL and S1 on my desk. Been a pro photographer all my working life graduating from large format Sinar in advertising photography to press photography for the last 30 years.. Use Canon in my day job and gave what some people would describe as a dream kit of every prime and zoom L lens right through the range probably well in excess of £30,000 worth. I have the S1 also, and it is one of the best cameras I have worked with for my shooting preferences (concerts, low light) and yes it beats the SL in almost all areas of IQ from High ISO to Af speed to having 5 Axis IS, Eye AF, Lovely video due to that 5 Axis and lovely skin tones. Even the Leica 25 1.4 TL mount lens is amazing on the S1. Heck I still shoot with a Canon 5dmkII and T1i. Leicaflex SL Mot. The S1 is serious and for those who spend $2000 or more on a mirrorless, this is one serious camera to consider as just like the SL, you can use adapters to shoot M lenses, Canon lenses, Nikon lenses. Thanks. I use this cheap adapter for Canon EF lenses. Sometimes I have to hand my camera to other people. The Leica SL's 24MP sensor turns in respectable performance in our dynamic range tests. It's somewhat ISO Invariant from ISO 200 to 400 onwards, while exposure latitude tests indicate similar dynamic range to a Canon 5D Mark IV. A jewel for under $1000. this time most likely to be downwards compatible with the M10. The last image was taken with a beautiful Zeiss 50 f/1.5 Sonnar. [Later on the day of publication of this article, Leica announced a firmware update for the SL which, among other improvements, introduced an electronic shutting topping out at 1/16,000, similar to that on the Q. Thats what i thought. Used Leica APO-Summicron-SL 35mm f/2 ASPH (S/N 4788135) Leica Warranty Until July 2022 $4,795 The other problem is that taking pict with extreme wide causing extreme covergence the result is tha object seems to lean back as the lens is not parralel to object. No excuses anymore not to buy a Leica anymore, https://www.reddotcameras.co.uk/347-sl-system. Thanks! Based on your advice, I am thinking of getting an SL, albeit used. The Leica Monochrom Review Part 1. I thought the author was talking about 1970s Leica SL, one of leica’s first SLR. Thank you. The SL with the Zenit 85 1.5 40-2 Lens (It’s Cheap but Good). Have you had this issue or can you suggest a work around (besides checking the settings regularly?) Discover Photography Workshops for beginners and advanced Online Tickets Curated by Leica Akademie UK ... Leica will inform the participants with as much notice as possible on these occasions. Dear friends and fellow photographers, it has […], Two months with my Leica Noctilux f/0.95 by Jim Main Hello again Steve, A few weeks ago I sent you and email explaining the story of my slightly off the wall buying experience of my […]. You can get better performance in specific areas in one camera over another, you can get higher resolution from some cameras, but overall, a modern 24mpix camera and good lenses could keep most any still photographer working today happy for a lifetime. Can’t say enough good things. I feel you….and like you I love my SL (typ 601) soooo much…the joy of using, the joy of looking at the files I get, you name it..It never is a justifiable camera from “spec” perspective, even way back then when it competes with Sony A7R with sexier specs. Les occasions Leica Affiner votre recherche - Tout - Sport Optics Compact X-System Q-System TL/CL-System M-System S-System SL-System R-System Monture à vis Autre You can check out the Leica SL HERE at B&H Photo. Still, is it worth paying an extra $2000 for a used SL or should I just stick with getting an S1? Leica SL Leica SL (Typ 601) Leica SL System Opinion Pricing SL (Typ 601) Share On: Tweet. Enjoy!! A Look at the NEW Sigma 35 and 65mm Contemporary DG DN f/2 Lenses on a Panasonic S5. The higher resolution sensors will only further expose the shortcomings with rangefinder alignment etc. Sure, the 24-105 is AF and will work just like any other AF lens on any other camera. So I took the plunge and also bought the voightlander 12mm for architecture etc. I have a question! The first three images below, I believe were take with a 50 Summilux f1.4. If someone asked me today what my perfect “desert island” camera would be I think it would be the current SL body but with the new EVF and new 24MP sensor. It’s solid, and when I started shooting Leica M glass with it, like the 50 APO, the 28 Lux or the 90 Summicron I was blown away and said “THIS is what this camera is meant for”! If you are used to a DSLR like a Nikon or Canon, the SL will feel strange to you. For me the SL is my favorite camera hands down. Here it was, the Leica SL + Noctilux combo, and first thing I notice is how the weight is balanced with the SL. I have been talking a lot about the “old” SL for a couple of weeks here as I still really love this camera but with the arrival of the Panasonic S1, the SL is starting to show its age in some areas. Seems to end it 70 year run. Shop B&H for our huge inventory of Leica SL Lenses. There is a Novoflex adapter but that is a $650 adapter. Sleek, sexy, smooth, solid, minimal and beautiful. SL has a built-in Stereo microphone and a Mono speaker. One can find peace of mind on a late afternoon beach walk even in the middle of winter, Ocean City New Jersey Leica SL 2.8 / 24-90 mm zoom lens. Yes, they are about the same size, same shape, use the same mount and are more similar than different with the EVF but the Leica to me just “feels” better in my hand. Discontinued - While supplies last. We can either crop half the frame away, or apply keystone correction, and we still have a very good file that can be enlarged to big sizes. After reviewing my library of ‘old’ SL images, the fundamental conclusion is that overall, the SL delivered more consistent & better results than my M’s. Do I like the S1, yes I do. I fell in love with the SL once I truly learned it’s simple control setup, which took a day or two for me to fully get used to. Unfortunately (for me) if rumors are correct the new SL will be using the 47 MP sensor which is not a bad thing of course, but for me, I prefer 24 megapixels as it delivers the lowest noise levels and will also offer faster AF and possibly better DR (but don’t quote me on that).

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